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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Let`s start with a free sample

Let`s start with a FREE sample of fresh veggies at your doorstep. Introducing great offers which would be beneficial to all the Community Members known as "UBD Affiliates" for a longer period. It is because of these offers that we can proudly say that we have an edge over other top online marketplaces at pan India level. So what are you waiting for! Checkout these exclusive deals on Urban Bag Daily.

Refer Your Neighbours; Get Assured Gifts

Urban Bag daily will send a free sample to your neighbours to whom you refer to us. Simultaneously, you would also receive an assured gifts from our side for every two new referrals.

The most interesting objective of this campaign is that whenever your invitees and their referrals buy anything from the marketplace, your affiliate account will get credited by 1% of the purchased value.

What To Do?

Kindly sign up or log in to the affiliate portal and share the invitation link mentioned at the dashboard, to your neighbours whom you want to send the free sample.

Join, Refer & Earn; The Most Engaging Offer

Let`s understand this offer through a simple mathematical calculation as per below mentioned example.

Suppose you refer 10 households and everyone refers the same number i.e 10 households. You will have 110 households in your group or pool. If every household consumes fresh fruits and veggies of Rs 2000 per month, your referral earning will be 1% of the total order value i.e. Rs. 2200 per month which can be utilised to purchase fresh fruits & veggies for yourself.

Simultaneously, you will also receive 1% revenue of your purchase value every time, back into your affiliate account.

We hope that in the coming times you will have a good number of referrals in your group and you can save a decent amount of money in purchasing fruits and veggies through your referral income coming month-on-month.

So what are you waiting for! Join and start referring others to enjoy fresh fruits & veggies from a good amount of referral income for yourself.

Get 1 Month Free; Offer Of The Year

Shop for 11 Months; Get 1 Month Free

If you purchase fruits and veggies worth Rs. 2500 in a calendar month, you would enter our segment of "25H Club" members.

Under this membership, you would get 1 month FREE fruits and veggies of Rs 2500 when you shop consistently for 11 months for minimum worth Rs 2500.

Shop More; Save More


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