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Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit got its name from South American Catholic evangelists, who trusted that passion bloom was an indication of the enthusiasm of the Christ.

Passion fruit, otherwise called purple granadilla, is shaped like an egg with wrinkled skin and green mash-like substance. This fruit is generally grown in tropical and sub-tropical nations.

Health Benefits

  • Passion fruit is known as pro-vitamin A as it transforms into vitamin A in the liver.

  • Being an antioxidant, it also averts tumor, coronary illnesses, and hypertension.

On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, consuming passion fruit may help. Passion fruit juice, the leaves, and the blooms of the passion vine contain the alkaloid called Harman, which has a mellow narcotic impact and can help in activating sleep.


  • Passion fruit has its roots in South America; however, is currently being grown in various tropical and subtropical nations around the globe.

  • Amazon is home to above two hundred types of passion plants.

  • Passion fruits are created by quickly developing vines that can develop as much as 20 feet in a single year. Be that as it may, it is short-lived and can just survive for seven years at the maximum.


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