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Join, Refer & Earn; The Most Engaging Offer

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Few opportunities in life come with a sense of well-being and a paycheck.

How It Works

Let`s understand this offer through a simple mathematical calculation as per below mentioned example.

Suppose you refer 10 households and everyone refers the same number i.e 10 households. You will have 110 households in your group or pool. If every household consumes fresh fruits and veggies of Rs 2000 per month, your referral earning will be 1% of the total order value i.e. Rs. 2200 per month which can be utilised to purchase fresh fruits & veggies for yourself.

Simultaneously, you will also receive 1% revenue of your purchase value every time, back into your affiliate account.

We hope that in the coming times you will have a good number of referrals in your group and you can save a decent amount of money in purchasing fruits and veggies through your referral income coming month-on-month.

So what are you waiting for! Join and start referring others to enjoy fresh fruits & veggies from a good amount of referral income for yourself.


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