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Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables



Shop for 11 Months; Get 1 Month Free, Make additional Reward Points and Beat Inflation


If you purchase fruits and veggies worth Rs. 2500 in a calendar month, you would enter our segment of "25H Club" members.


Under this membership, you would get 1 month FREE* fruits and veggies when you shop consistently for 11 months for minimum worth Rs 2500.


Apart from that, you would also get 3 times additional Reward Points every month. These additional reward points will help you beat the inflation in the coming times.


Example- In the current scenario, when you shop for Rs. 100/- you receive 100 Reward Points. However, when you shop for minimum of Rs. 2500/- in a calendar month, instead of receiving 2500 points, you will receive 7500 reward points. 

Shop More; Save More

FREE*- Fruits and Vegetables upto Rs 2500/-

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